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ACME Kiva Espresso Sectional

$1,899.00 $1,614.15

ACME Kiva Espresso Sectional

$1,899.00 $1,614.15

The Kiva contemporary sectional sofa is constructed with bonded leather oversized tufted seat and back cushion. The overstuffed cushion will keep you

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Furniture of America Arabella Sofa

$1,099.99 $934.99

Refine the statement your living room makes with this classy sectional set! A prominent welt trim traces the edges of the plush

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SM6062-SET-Avdira-Sofa-Love-SeatSM6062-SET-Avdira-Sofa-Love-Seat Sale

Furniture of America Avdira Living Room Set


This contemporary seating group features chrome accents, designer throw pillows and a neutral mix of suede and leatherette. The seat and back

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SM4060-SET-Braelyn-Sofa-Loveseat-Black-RedSM4060-SET-Braelyn-Sofa-Loveseat-Black-Red Sale

Furniture of America Braelyn Living Room Set


This ultra modern sofa set takes on a two toned coloring and a dual textured approach. The back pillows introduce a touch

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SM6421-LV-Chubbuck-Love-Seat-Sofa-SetSM6421-LV-Chubbuck-Love-Seat Sale

Furniture of America Chubbuck Living Room Set


A playful addition to your living room decor, this love seat favors comfortable designs and neutral color palettes. However, the included throw

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SM1275-SET-Glynis-Love-Seat-SofaSM1275-SET-Glynis-Love-Seat-Sofa Sale

Furniture of America Glynis Living Room Set


Velvet is making a comeback and it’s here to stay! Upholstered in soft velvet, this sofa set features contemporary designs combined with

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SM8006-SET-Jarauld-Loveseat-SofaSM8006-SET-Jarauld-Loveseat-Sofa Sale

Furniture of America Jarauld Living Room Set


If you enjoy more upscale look and clean refined looks this living room set will cater to your every need. Plush padded

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SM1224-SF-LV-SETSM1224-SF Sale

Furniture of America Jayne Living Room Set


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CM6565-Kensington-SET-Sofa-Loveseat-ChairCM6565-LV-Kensington-Loveseat Sale

Furniture of America Kensington Living Room Set


This is comfort shaped to perfection. The contoured seats, split back cushions, and even the large padded arms all contribute to a

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CM6632BK-Linnea-Sofa-Loveseat-Chair-SetCM6632BK-LV-Linnea-Loveseat Sale

Furniture of America Linnea Living Room Set


Distinguish your home with this exquisite clamshell styled love seat. The wrapping arms seem to hug you in refined comfort. Added throw

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CM6865-SET-Margarita-Loveseat-SofaCM6865-SET-Margarita-Loveseat-Sofa Sale

Furniture of America Margarita Living Room Set


Warm and inviting, this understated sofa set is a beautiful addition to any traditional living space. Fringe accents run along the paired

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CM6563-SET-Montserrat-Loveseat-Sofa-ChairCM6563-LV-Montserrat-Loveseat Sale

Furniture of America Montserrat Living Room Set


Don’t worry about over heating on this love seat. Breathable leatherette covers this plush padded living room so you don’t have to

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SM1223-Contemporary -Transitional-SetSM1223-SF-Contemporary Style-Sofa Sale

Furniture of America Renesmee Living Room Set


There’s no way you can’t be comfortable on this loveseat. The large padded track arms are perfect to lean against and the

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CM6283-SET-Sadhbh-Loveseat-SofaCM6283-SET-Sadhbh-Loveseat-Sofa Sale

Furniture of America Sadhbh Living Room Set


Engulf yourself in soft champion fabric and sink into the plush foam cushions of this brown sofa set. Oversized head and armrests

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SM7644-SET-Saoirse-Love-Seat-SofaSM7644-SET-Saoirse-Love-Seat-Sofa Sale

Furniture of America Saoirse Living Room Set


A lavish combination of traditional silhouettes has been paired with artistic splashes of color and fabric. The intricate wooden detailing along the

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